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May 24, 2011

Well, I got some news today about the results of my PET scans. The good news is they didn’t find anything in my head. The not-so-good news is they did find some more masses in my spleen and liver in which the CT scans didn’t catch. I’m guessing that means I’m at a higher stage than we thought, or hoped. As far as treatment goes, the doctors had planned to treat my whole body anyway. They haven’t told me how yet because they need to know exactly what they are working with before they make any moves. But being realistic, I know that chemotherapy is probably in my near future.

As far as the bone marrow biopsy I had last Friday, I won’t hear anything back until this Thursday or Friday. As far as the actual procedure went, well, I’ll just state the obvious by saying it was definitely unpleasant. I thought being sore afterward for a couple of days was going to be the worst part, but in my case it was the disappointing sedation method they chose. Apparently, I was going to be sedated to the point in which I was conscious enough to follow commands but would not remember a thing when I woke up, or so I was told. Turns out, the dose wasn’t enough or my body didn’t take to it like it was supposed to because I was awake the whole time and felt the needle go into my bone. I was definitely awake enough to follow commands, but unfortunately the part where I didn’t remember the pain did not take effect. Not trying to be a drama queen, but that’s not cool. And it’s not real comforting to know that they are planning to use that same sedation med at my next biopsy…yeah, we’ll talk.

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, I have to be at Vanderbilt for my incisional biopsy in which they will remove tissue from my neck. I’m not thrilled at the idea of someone cutting open my neck, but I am confident in my doctor, Dr. Mannion. Dr. Mannion is a really nice guy, and he seems like a great person. After my surgery, he is going on a mission trip to Kenya to help people with medical needs over there. I know God will be watching over Dr. Mannion and me during the procedure tomorrow.

Like I said before, I don’t really get nervous, until I am actually at the hospital so I am good-to-go at the moment. I’m just trying to be strong: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. With all of your support and constant prayers, it has been so easy to keep my head up, so thanks again. But I know that some days it is going to be difficult for me to stay positive about this situation. Through the love and encouragement of the people who care for me, I am continually reminded that God is present throughout this whole thing and that I have A LOT to be thankful for, starting with all of you.


  • PET scans reveal masses in my spleen and liver in addition to the ones in my chest and neck
  • We are still waiting on the results of the bone marrow biopsy in which we will know on Thursday or Friday of this week
  • Bright and early tomorrow, I will be at the hospital having my incisional biopsy to retrieve some of the tissue in my neck for testing to get a diagnosis
  • Any and all prayers are welcome and appreciated, but if you want specifics, pray that nothing is found in the bone marrow, for my procedure tomorrow morning, and for patience as we wait another week to find out the results of tomorrow’s biopsy
  • Thank you for taking the time to read this and your prayers.

12 Responses to “tues news”

  1. Sue said

    “You, O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered . Immense in love and you never, never quit” -Psalm 86

    Will be praying every minute tomorrow…

  2. Susan King said

    Lots of prayers reaching the heart of God for you! I will be especially prayerful tomorrow as you undergo your biopsy.

  3. Terry Carty said

    See you in the morning. I’m praying that the procedure goes better than the last! Hang in. TC

  4. Patti Madere said

    Praying for good results, comfort, and peace for you.

  5. jessica huff said

    you may or may not remember me but my husband knows your dad. I think the last time I saw you was at the hospital for your dad’s stint surgery. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that our family is praying for strength and healing for you. As you know, God creates miracles every second…
    stay strong in your faith and if i (or anyone in our family) can do anything, please let us know.
    Jessica Huff

  6. LeAnn Gregory said

    We are praying for you daily. You have been on mind for the past few weeks. I am encouraged by the faith you are displaying through something this difficult. I’m so sorry you have to go through it. Be strong in the Lord. We love you!

  7. Pam Case said

    Continuing to pray – sharing this with others around me so that you have anyone and everyone in agreement!

  8. Elaine Reed said

    I know you don’t remember me but I worked with your Mom forever. We are all flooding the heavens with prayers for you. Like Jessica said, God creates miracles every second. Just keep your faith in Him and He will see you through this. Sending you prayers and hugs…


  9. Tom & Hazel said

    We keep praying. Love you,

  10. Robyn Steffen said

    Hey boo,
    I hope the biopsy went well. Last night I had my entire lifegroup of about 20 women praying for you. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are cheesy (sry its true). Later I was (again) praying about it and I have NO DOUBT in my mind that God has this all planned for you, He is holding your hand, because of the wonders He will make of you and this situation, I cannot fathom. It is bigger than lumps, bigger than you, praise Jesus!!

  11. jgargaro1 said

    As I read your update I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of being a part of the same community of faith that you were raised in. Your entire hometown is thinking of you and praying hard for you. You know what that means ……watch out C!

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