June 1, 2011

It’s official. I have Hodgkin Lymphoma. After three weeks of being scanned and tested, poked with needles and IV’s, knocked out and cut open, and all those types of things, I was more than ready to get the big news yesterday. Basically the hopeful expectations my family and I had that we were crossing our fingers for were accurate. Hodgkin Lymphoma is a type of the cancer common among teens and young adults that begins in cells of the immune system. I am Stage 3, and I will be undergoing chemotherapy for about 6-8 months. If all goes according to plan, I shouldn’t have to have any radiation. I am meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Morgan, today to go over all the details and get all of my questions answered.

I feel light. I feel hopeful. I feel a lot of things right now and all of them are positive. I know my parents feel relieved, too. Just knowing what I have for sure brings me so much peace. I never once in my life thought I would be relieved to hear that I have lymphoma, especially after labeling in my mind as “the worst thing possible” when I went to the health clinic three weeks ago.

I have a lot of decisions I have to make and plans to figure out this summer. I want to get back to my life in Boone, finish school, get married, and start my career but I can come back to all of that later. My priority right now in life is to get better, and I do not want to do anything to hinder or delay my recovery. I’m not excited to start chemo and experience all the things that come with it, but I am looking forward to start destroying this crap!

So thank you over and over for your prayers this far. They are already kicking in 🙂 With God as my rock, I can’t be shaken.


  • I have Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage 3
  • My treatment will be 6-8 months of chemo
  • You guys are all making it very difficult for me to be scared about all of this, so thanks for keeping my spirits up with all of your encouragement and love



7 Responses to “diagknowsis!”

  1. Terry Carty said

    I know this comes as refreshment to be able to get this settled and to get on with your healing. We continue to pray with you. Cheslie, your calm, straight forward blog posts make it very easy to know what to pray for. And your approach to this new wrinkle in your living should help us all see that God is bigger than our problems.

    I’ll be in touch soon. TC

  2. Marlene Jones said

    So glad that you now have a plan and God as your guide. Know that we will continue to keep those prayers and support coming your way.

    Love and prayers,

  3. Lori said

    My sweet baby girl, I’ve prayed for you every single day and have probably thought about you almost every minute of the day. You’ve not left my thoughts. Like you, I can’t believe I’m relieved to read about your diagnosis especially because it’s treatable. Cheslie, you are a strong, courageous, and beautiful young woman. I want you to continue to hope and embrace the love that is being prayed up for your healing. I love you so much and want to see you very soon. Keep the faith, hope, and love alive in your heart.

  4. Leslie Allen said

    Cheslie, hope you got the message that I called. You have such a positive personality and unshakable faith. I know this experience will change you in ways we can’t imagine but mostly I know God has wonderful plans for your future. Just want to say I love you and hope you can get through this quickly and go on with all your plans. I look forward to meeting your fiance. He sounds perfect.

  5. nancy demaio said

    Luke 7:3 When he heard about Jesus, he sent elders of the Jews to Him,pleading with Hin to come and heal his servant. You are so beautiful and God loves you more thatn you could aver imagine. Have a blessed and joyful day

  6. Brittany Lebeck said

    Over the past year I have been more blessed than you will know seeing your love for Christ and willingness to give him all the glory. You are such a strong person and I know that you will have a big smile (like always) through this whole thing! God can beat any cancer, especially for those that love Him! I love you girl and I will be praying for you! I am here for anything that you need…just a phone call or email away!

    “All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

  7. Carol Giauque said

    Emily shared your story with us and asked us to keep you in our prayers….and we are. Carol and Jim G in Asheville.

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