reality check

December 29, 2011

The doc says there is NO sign of lymphoma from my biopsy!

The only thing scarier than finding out you have cancer, is finding out you have cancer again. I am so thankful and blessed that this was just a scare. Although, we are still not sure what exactly the little “spot” on my scan is, I can find enough comfort in the fact that it isn’t Hodgkins. Dr. Morgan says that we will just keep a close eye on things and repeat the PET scan in February to make sure nothing fishy is going on.

So basically, I am off the hook and able to continue my plans for going to college next semester and so on. I am reminded though, not to take my remission for granted for even a second because I am so fortunate to have made it here.

I can already tell how I have grown from my experience with cancer because having waited for results from scans before (aka last summer), I knew exactly how to handle it this time by making that exchange with God: I give Him my problem, and He gives me His peace. (Phil 4:6-7) I am relieved, but not surprised. I know who has His hand on my life, and what He is capable of.

Thank you again for the power of your prayers. I will continue to provide updates when necessary.


  • I am still cancer free! Praise God!
  • I will have a follow-up scan in February
  • Thank you for keeping up with me and praying. Love you all

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