tell it on the mountain

February 14, 2012

Life is so good. I can’t even tell you how good it has been since I’ve been back in Boone. Life is even more amazing than it was before that six-month interruption. Actually, life isn’t necessarily better, its pretty much the same. I just have a new appreciation for it that I didn’t before, and thoroughly enjoy simply being well.

I am back at Elevation Boone, designing and helping with the church. Wedding planning is kind of on the back burner because I have been so busy with Elevation, school, and work, but it’s coming along. I have so much joy in my life and am so thankful that God brought me back to this place and these amazing people.

My check-up scan is this Friday. I am excited to see my family. As for the scan, I’ve been so busy I haven’t really thought about it and don’t care to. I’m not nervous or worried at all. I might be when I’m actually at the hospital, but I’m going to try not to be. As always though, prayers would be appreciated.

It has been really awesome to see how God has used my blog to encourage and inspire others, and that He is still using my story to glorify Him. Since I have been back in North Carolina, I have gotten to share my story with people in Boone, among friends, at a women’s retreat and even at Elevation! I am starting to realize that God working through my sickness to change my life is only the half of it. He is using it to impact others’ lives too. When He gives you a story to tell, He wants you to share it with the world. “If the story stops here, His glory stops here.” 


  • I feel great and I’m so happy to be back in Boone! Praise the Lord!
  • Please pray for good results from my check-up scan on Friday morning and be on the lookout for an update this weekend
  • God has given me a story worth sharing, a great tool to glorify Him, and am excited to continue using it to encourage others in their faith!

3 Responses to “tell it on the mountain”

  1. Tim Wilson said

    Wow! You remind me of who I should be. I love you. I’m so pround of you. You are the real deal! Dad

  2. You are wise beyond your years my friend.

  3. Robyn Steffen said

    Love the title. (and of course the message too)

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