predictably unpredictable

February 20, 2012

I met with the surgeon today to schedule my biopsy. I will be having a mediastinoscopy on Thursday at 1:30. I know you’re nodding along right now because you know exactly what a mediastinoscopy is.

Well, I’m not exactly sure what it means either, but all I know is that the doctor will be making a small incision right were my collar bones meet in the middle of my upper chest, and go in to remove as big of a chunk that they can safely remove of the quarter-sized inflamed lymph node. (side note: I had originally thought is was penny-sized, but found out it’s actually closer to a quarter.)

So I didn’t really receive any new information today besides when we are going to take the next step (Thursday). The good news is, that I won’t have to stay overnight at the hospital like we had initially been told. Hopefully, I will only have to miss this week of school and return to Boone this weekend. I say this, afraid to really plan anything past tomorrow…

Though life can be so unpredictable, I can find peace in the fact that I have a God watching over me Whose faithfulness and love is predictably unfailing.


  • My biopsy will be on Thursday at 1:30 to remove a portion of the lymph node for testing
  • I won’t find out any results until at least a week after the biopsy
  • Please pray for a smooth procedure, a quick recovery, and great results
  • Thank you so much to all of you who have continued to keep up with me through all of this and for all of your prayers and support

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