getting to the “finally’s”

February 24, 2012

[I know this blog is longer than usual, so if you want to skip all the details than you can just scroll down to “IN A NUTSHELL”]

I’m not gonna lie, yesterday was really rough. We got to the hospital at 11:30am for my surgery at 1:30, only to find out that they moved my surgery to a later time. A much later time: 6:30pm! But we couldn’t leave and come back because there was a chance they could get me in sooner, and we couldn’t take the risk of not being when they called for me and getting my biopsy canceled.

I was upset we had to wait around all day because I hadn’t brought my laptop or anything to do for 6 hours of waiting, but mostly because I was instructed not to eat or drink past midnight the night before and so it was going to be that much longer before I could eat. Despite my hunger and disappointment, I knew that I was fortunate to get to have the surgery done that day, because the doctor originally wanted to wait until mid-March but we had asked if he could squeeze me into his schedule this week. I didn’t have a lot of energy anyway since I hadn’t eaten, so ended up sleeping away most of the hours we were waiting. Earlier than we had expected, they took me back at 3:30.

I got my IV in my hand, which stung and didn’t seem to get any more comfortable the whole time, probably because I was dehydrated. Hungry, uncomfortable, impatient, and somehow tired (despite all the sleep I had gotten), I was just ready to get it all over with. Nonetheless, we still had to wait a few hours. But I was glad to at least be out of the waiting room, in a bed, and closer to getting the surgery.

At 7:30, they finally knocked me out for my biopsy, and what felt like seconds later (9:00), I could hear people talking over me. I remember immediately pointing to my arm because it hurt, and when I pried my eyes open a little I could see IV’s in both of my arms in addition to the one in my hand. And I also remember pointing to my mouth over and over because it was so dry making it hard to swallow, and then felt someone put a wet sponge to my mouth.

When I finally decided to wake up a little bit, it was almost 11:00. My neck and back was sore, I guess from whatever position they had me in to be able to get to my chest, and I had bandages all over my arms from the 8 places they stuck me for IV’s. (I later found that all the IVs had something to do with the surgery being so close to many main veins and arteries in my chest, so that the doctors could access certain ones.)

We didn’t end up getting home until 12:30. I officially hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, so after I ate some pizza and took some medicine, I went straight to bed. I was dreading waking up today because I thought the pain would be a lot worse, but it is actually better. It hurts my chest when I get up and move around a lot, and it hurts when I swallow, but beside that I feel ok.

I’m just glad yesterday is over. Now we will just be praying and waiting for the results next week. Even though yesterday seemed awful to me and I probably come off as being a little overly dramatic, I know that things could’ve been a lot worse and that I am so blessed that the surgery was successful. They ended up removing almost all of the lymph node, so it should definitely be a sufficient sample to find out what it is!

I plan to drive back to Boone on Sunday, so I’m praying that I will feel good enough to drive so I won’t have to miss anymore school. This week in Tennessee was so unexpected. On the bright side, I was thankful to get to spend some time with my family. Just as I had no idea that I would be here this week, I have no idea where things are going to go from here. Writing my blog today, I am reminded of the only thing I can do during this time: pray. believe. conquer.


  • Though an excruciating long day, my surgery was successful in that they removed most of the inflamed lymph node
  • My chest is sore today, but besides that my appetite is good and I’m feeling better than last night
  • I would really appreciate prayers that I will be well enough to drive back on Sunday to return to school on Monday and of course for excellent results next week

10 Responses to “getting to the “finally’s””

  1. asucru said

    Hey Cheslie,
    Praying for your chest and throat to feel better, and for you to be able to drive back up here Sunday. Hold fast and know you are being lifted up in prayer by lots of folks.

  2. Susan King said

    Always praying for you Cheslie, especially yesterday you were dancing through my thoughts all day.

  3. Pray, believe, conquer! Yes, that’s what we are all here, with God in charge, to help you do!

  4. LeAnn said

    I hope you are back at our home on Sunday! Sorry yesterday was rough. We are praying for you.

  5. Mark A. DeMaio said

    Love you, Cheslie. Remember to take time to Praise God for what He’s done, what He’s now doing, and what He’s about to do….it will always make things better with that Mantle on. Love your strength and perseverance through it all. and yes, praying, praying for you.

  6. Patti Madere said

    Praying for good results and hoping you feel better soon!

  7. Annette Hatfield said

    I pray for you almost every day and will say extra prayers right now. You have a great outlook, that is part of conquering this disease. God Bless you Cheslie.

  8. Tom & Hazel said

    always praying.

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