June 26, 2012

Some good news! This morning I had a PET scan to see if the new chemo has been working, and my scan came back clear! This means that there is no cancer present in my body at this time and that I am ready to move on to a stem cell transplant so that it never returns.

However, I still have months before I’m out of the woods. I still have to get another dose of the chemo I am currently on next week to ‘hold me over’, so to speak, until I get to the stem cell transplant. It’ll be a few weeks of insurance processing and medical testing until I can actually start the SCT. And then the SCT is a month-long treatment itself and will probably take a couple of months to recover from. But the important thing is that I am headed in the right direction. Praise the Lord.

“and call on me in the day of trouble;
    I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”

Psalm 50:15


4 Responses to “winning”

  1. Catherine Spann said

    I am so happy to hear this! Praise God!

  2. LeAnn said

    I’m so happy to hear the news!!!

  3. yesth yesth yesth, this is great, love you and priase Him!

  4. So glad to hear this news…continuing to lift you up in prayer!

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