year in the clear

January 9, 2013

Starting my new year with a clear scan! Praise God!

I’m so relieved that I’m still in remission so that I can resume living out my goals in 2013: starting my last semester of college, graduating in May, getting married in July, moving to Charlotte. I try not to live in the future too much, but I don’t want to stop dreaming and believing that God will get me there. I don’t want to take the present for granted, but I don’t want to live in fear, scan by scan, afraid to make any plans. The first two years of remission are crucial, and once I get past the two-year mark my likelihood of being cured for good goes way up.

Thanks again for all the prayers sent my way. I had a lot of peace to carry with me to my appointments today, so thank you for praying for that specifically. In addition to talking about my scan with the doctors, we also talked about the cough and hoarseness I’ve been experiencing the last couple of months. They gave me antibiotics to help my immune system get rid of my cough and hopefully my hoarseness will leave with it. Due to the location of the area I was treated, there is a chance that the nerve near my vocal cords was effected by the radiation causing my voice to fatigue easily. So I’m hoping that it is unrelated to the radiation, and that there is no permanent damage.

“For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1: 37


  • I’m still in remission!
  • I’m taking antibiotics for cough and hoarseness I’ve had for a couple of months and praying there was no permanent damage in my throat from the radiation.
  • I feel so blessed and favored by God because of all the people He has placed in my life that care about me and support me. So thanks for being one of them and for praying for me and with me. God hears your prayers and that it why I am where I am today.