“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
-Psalm 37:4
Life had just gotten perfect. I had just claimed the title of  “Graphic Designer” on the core team for Elevation Global Church in Boone, NC. It was so awesome to be able to use my gifts for God’s purpose, and even more so building a church and touching lives with some of the most amazing, driven people I’ve ever met. In just 4 worship experiences, we had 14 salvations, praise God! It was definitely the happiest I had been in college because I finally figured out the greater reason of why God placed me at Appalachian State University.
Elevation Global was my life for the past 2 months. I was passionate, obsessed, in love with my church, my core team (family), my God. Unfortunately, this wonderful thing in my life caused me to put off a few things: studying, work, and that little lump in my neck….

4 Responses to “before the lump in the road”

  1. Amorey said


    You are amazing! This is something I have always known but I never cease to be amazed by you. Your Faith … you are a teacher to us all. I love you more than you know Meaness!


  2. Susan Wiesehan said

    My prayers are with you and your doctors. They discover something new every day. I hear from your sister Amorey that you are a real trooper. With God’s help I know you will continue the fight. We will miss Amorey and her family here in Edinburg, but I will continue to hear of your progress and healing.

  3. Hope Patterson said

    Hello Cheslie! I am from Kingston Springs and saw your article in last weeks paper. What a wonderfully strong and courageous young woman you are. Your article made me think about a close friend I have made through church. She is in remission from Hodgkin Lymphoma. She introduced me to Juice Plus and she has been taking it for quite a while and really feels it is benefitting her life and her families well being. If you are not familiar with it you can contact me or go to juiceplus.com. It is a whole food supplement that even Vanderbilt has done studies on. It bridges the gap between what fruits and vegetables we eat and what we should eat. My friend also said she would be glad to talk with you about the road she traveled with her treatments and recovery. I know it can sometimes help to talk with others who have been where you are. I’m sure it seems strange to receive a note like this from someone whom you have never met but I just felt moved to share this information with you when I read your story.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Most sincerely,
    Hope Patterson
    Kingston Springs, TN

  4. Kendall Conner said

    Hey Cheslie!
    Today is the first time that I saw your blog post on facebook, and the first time I even knew you were sick. The last time I saw you was at Elevation! I have read all of your blogs, and though I always saw you as a sweet and caring person after reading them I am able to see how strong you are as a person and in your faith. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! Even if it is just pictures and updates of the Boone area, I would be happy to do it:) I was happy to hear of your engagement, very EXCITING! If you can think if anything I can do or that you need message me on facebook or my number is (828)406-2068. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.” 2 Timothy 1:7 With love, Kendall Conner

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